John Oliver Warns Viewers Of Donald Trump’s “Cash Grab” Schemes, ‘Call Me By Your Name’ Peach Makes Cameo & Host Dings Uber Eats For Diddy Ad

Apr 1, 2024 2:45 pm | entertainment, News

John Oliver roasted Donald Trump on Last Week Tonight for his “cash grab” schemes as the former POTUS makes another run for the White House.

“This year, more than ever, everything Trump does is going to be a cash grab,” Oliver said on the HBO late-night show. “This year has been one of the few times he’s actually been asked to pay the price for his actions but already, he’s got other people footing the bill.”

Oliver said Trump was “monetizing his bad behavior,” which could be summed up by a t-shirt he’s selling featuring his mugshot and the caption “Not Guilty” across the front.

The comedian went through a list of things Trump had been doing to raise money to pay for his legal troubles, using his followers to foot the bill.

“That is a man who talks non-stop about how he’s one of the richest men on Earth, begging strangers for money in a hostage video that looks that it was filmed in a house haunted by the world’s tackiest ghosts,” Oliver said of a video Trump shared pleading his fans to donate money.

Oliver also noted Trump was selling a Bible, cologne, sneakers, a mini speaker with a cartoon Trump, and earbuds in a golden case. Also worth noting was the digital platform Truth Social going public “with shares blowing past expectations” as his followers bought stock, raising the company’s valuation.

In the show’s main story of the night, Oliver talked about food delivery service apps. He dinged Uber Eats for the Sean “Diddy” Combs Super Bowl commercial, given the allegations against the rapper that surfaced this week.

“I’m guessing Uber Eats might be regretting that last one right now,” Oliver said.

'Last Week Tonight' dings Uber Eats for Diddy ad

In an ad for Postmates targeting the LQBTQ+ community, an eggplant, and a peach symbolized parts of the human anatomy.

Oliver then referenced a memorable scene from the 2017 Luca Guadagnino film that featured Timothée Chalamet pleasuring himself with a peach.

“By the way, it is good to see the peach from Call Me By Your Name staying booked and busy — gay parts should go to gay actors,” he quipped.

'Call Me By Your Name' peach makes 'Last Week Tonight' cameo

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