Want To Honor The Memory Of Beloved Producer Paula Weinstein? Vote For Joe Biden

Apr 1, 2024 11:38 pm | entertainment, News

When Deadline chronicles the passing of industry execs, filmmakers and actors, there are often asks to donate to certain causes, in lieu of flowers. Paula Weinstein, the Emmy-winning producer of Truman, Recount and films like The Perfect Storm and The Fabulous Baker Boys, put forth the most unusual posthumous request.

Per her daughter Hannah Rosenberg, the best way to honor the memory of Weinstein is simple: vote to re-elect Joe Biden. And while you’re at it, cast a ballot for other Dems on whatever ballot you are presented in the voting booth. As Deadline revealed last Thursday, Weinstein died in New York at age 78.

Most who knew her would not be surprised this would be Weinstein’s dying wish. Politics were a big part of her life. She ended her run as a top exec at Tribeca several years ago to work on political campaigns, and she famously met and fell for the love of her life, the late producer Mark Rosenberg, while they were organizing protests at the 1972 Republican National Convention when that event was eyeing San Diego as a venue.

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