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American Idol: Katy Perry’s Jaw Drops Over Teen’s Adele Cover

Apr 2, 2024 2:42 am | entertainment

‘American Idol’ Judges Say Contestants Blacked Out During Hollywood Week Performances

Someone like you, Jordan Anthony, could go far on American Idol.

That is if he makes it through the next round of the competition. After making it to Hollywood and surviving the first series of cuts, the Australian singer is aiming to secure a spot in the Top 24. 

“I want to make it to the Top 24 because I just feel like, honestly, I’ve got more to give,” Jordan said in E! News’ exclusive sneak peek at the April 1 episode. “The more that I’m here, the longer that I want to keep on going, keep on showing them that there’s different sides to me and I’m a versatile artist.” 

With his vocal coach dad in the audience cheering him on, the 18-year-old decided to sing Adele‘s “Love In the Dark.” And let’s just say, the judges seemed pretty impressed with his performance. 

Pulling up his sleeve, Lionel Richie showed Katy Perry he had goosebumps from Jordan’s voice. Meanwhile, the “Roar” singer jaw dropped and she turned to Luke Bryan after the barista hit a high note.

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