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Oop! Sexyy Red Responds After Joe Budden Shares His Thoughts On Her & Drake’s Relationship (Video)

Apr 2, 2024 1:22 am | entertainment

Sexyy Red has reacted to Joe Budden sharing a strong theory about her and Drake‘s relationship.

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Here’s What Joe Budden Said

On Thursday, March 28, a new episode of ‘The Joe Budden Podcast’ was released via YouTube. About two hours into the episode, Budden explained that he was waiting for Drake to respond to Kendrick Lamar’s recent diss toward him. However, he doesn’t believe Drake will react with the ferocity he needs to.

“I’ve never seen any of these n****s with a direct threat in front of them… with the exception of Drake,” Budden explained, seemingly referring to J. Cole and other rappers. “And I don’t believe Drake is gonna rap to the level that he was rapping at when he was doing those things. I don’t see that for him.”

As the conversation continued, Budden and his co-hosts referenced Drake’s recent single featuring SZA and Sexyy Red, ‘Rich Baby Daddy.’ At that point, Budden shared a strong opinion about Drake’s recent releases and his relationship with other artists.

“It sounds like a n***a that could rap at that level that gets paid off of everybody’s deal — trying to rap,” Budden continued. “That’s what it sounds like — that’s what it sounds like, to me.”

One of Budden’s co-hosts, QueenzFlip, then asked the podcaster if this information was confirmed.

“Oh, so you think he just likes being around Sexyy Red that much?” Budden replied. “…I could name some more people.”

Watch the full conversation below.

Sexyy Red & Social Media Reacts

Social media users entered The Shade Room’s comment section to share mixed reactions to Budden’s stance.

Instagram user @thelorinking wrote, podcasts prove men gossip just as much as women, if not more 😭😭😭”

While Instagram user @naebxox added, Idk but sexy red just seems like she mind her own business and is down to earth and good vibes.. maybe Aubrey just likes that good energy to work with”

Instagram user @bar.aramis wrote, Drake can’t even make a new friend without Mr. Pump it up being a hater.”

While Instagram user @sizzgabana added,Drake appropriates the ghetto aesthetics to financial benefit and image sculpting.”

Instagram user @_pettyking wrote, I believe Drake uses Sexyy Red for her ‘street cred’ as a business move.”

While Instagram user @dcastro.official added, “Yep. It’s called PR and it’s working”

Instagram user @b.renaeeee wrote, I agree with Joe I been felt like that . Drake is one of those artist that will flock to whoever is getting a huge buzz . He tried it with Ice spice…”

While Instagram user @labella_ashlee1 added,It’s giving yall don’t think a black woman from the hood is deserving of being friends with a man of Drake caliber 😕 & sexy is really lit dafuq”

Instagram user @jecoreiography wrote, Y’all never heard of paid partnerships and deals? It’s a real thing”

While Instagram user @trendy_chef added, “It’s non of our business 😂”

Additionally, Sexyy Red also shared her reaction to Budden’s words via X, formerly known as Twitter, on Sunday, March 31.

“They do dumb,” she wrote.

A Brief Recap Of Drake & Sexyy Red’s Relationship

As The Shade Room previously reported, Drake and Sexyy Red initially went viral for their relationship in July 2023. At the time, Sexyy Red popped out to Drake’s “It’s All A Blur” tour stop in Brooklyn, New York.

At the time, Drake gave the fellow rapper a shoutout from the stage and referred to her as his “baby mama.”

Additionally, Drake later took to his Instagram Story to share a photo of him and Sexyy Red. In the flick, the ‘Controlla’ rapper planted a kiss on her cheek and wrote a caption calling the rapper his “rightful wife.”

“Just met my rightful wife @sexyyred,” he initially wrote before dropping more words. “If my girl see ya’ll backstage being thirsty it’s gonna get smokey”

In February, Drake and Sexyy Red hopped in their acting bags for the latest music video together. Then, earlier this month, the Toronto-bred rapper went viral for the lavish gifts he purchased Sexyy Red.

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